Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

I have done all of you an injustice. I have deprived you of the one thing that made 2011 the best year ever: Bits About Beards. I started a blog in late September and made my potential beard the main focus of the blog. Due to my inexperience of blogging/beard-growing and the ridicule from my so called "friends", I thought I was done forever. But with 2012 being a new year, I will start the year anew and make the year a beautiful portrait and I'm starting with a close-to-blank canvas.

Is this a New Years Resolution? Maybe. But better than that, it's a new start. And I plan to take 2012 by the metaphorical bull's horns.

To show you what my face has been up to all this time, Feast your Eyes on this Beast!

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