Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 1 & 2

Day 1: Decision Day

Today marks the most important day for a male's face: the day he decides not to shave even though he should on this particular day. I've decided to start growing my beard on this day for a couple of reasons. First, my sister's wedding was this past weekend, and I couldn't look like a bum. Second, it's getting cold soon, and by the time Oktoberfest rides by, I'll be sporting a nice, warm beard (it's nice to savor those flavors too). 

Day 2: Not a Day to Forget
Today shouldn't seem too important. It's only one day past the most important day: Decision Day, and it's not like I have to consider trimming yet. But, it seems to be a little more important than just the day after Decision Day. Today, I have been rubbing my face a tad. So, we've all heard that beards can be itchy, this is somewhat true. It's only true for a week or so. But it's not the itching that I am worried about. It's the skin underneath the beard that spikes my attention today. How does one keep the face as clean as before, but still keep the facial hair moisturized? In the past, I have had trouble with skin breakouts when I grow my beard. It's not as noticable to the audience as I think it is, but I still want to keep it under control. Any Ideas on products?

Couple of places that striked my fancy...

Stay Tuned...

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